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Lucas Bols visits Beursplein 5

Lucas Bols (ticker symbol: BOLS) has established a joint venture with the Rémy Cointreau Group which will operate and further develop the global activities of the iconic Passoã brand.

To celebrate, Joost de Vries, CFO Lucas Bols, sounds the gong: “We are delighted to have the opportunity to further build the Passoã brand. Adding Passoã to the premium and super premium portfolio fits very well within Lucas Bols’ strategic ambition to strengthen and grow the global brands.” 

Lucas Bols is the world’s oldest distilled spirits brand and one of the oldest Dutch companies still in business. Lucas Bols holds the number one position in liqueur ranges worldwide (outside the USA) and is the world’s largest player in the genever segment. Lucas Bols owns a portfolio of more than 20 premium and super premium brands of different spirits used in cocktail bars worldwide.

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