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Rabobank's innovation program introduces Tellow


Bye bye bookkeeping, hello Tellow

Tellow celebrates the launch of her bookkeeping solution for freelancers. Tellow was recently introduced, after a year of rigorous user testing and developing. The overwhelming number of applications confirmed the need for a good solution. To no surprise because bookkeeping is in fact not the most popular part of doing business, it takes time, money and often causes stress.

Tellow is bookkeeping on the go. Freelancers get real-time insight into their financials through a direct link with the current account. Tellow automates manual processes, such as scanning and booking of receipts. By offering a cloud solution for web and mobile, Tellow meets the fundamental needs of this user group.

Tellow is a Moonshot from Rabobank's innovation program. With so-called Moonshots, employees get the opportunity to develop innovative ideas and prepare them for market launch. Tellow is now available throughout the Netherlands.

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