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Amsterdam Capital Week


Amsterdam Capital Week kicked off by sounding gong

Today the sounding of the gong will be done on the occasion of the first Amsterdam Capital Week. Euronext subsidiary EnterNext is one of the organizations joining forces with StartupAmsterdam during this week filled with events surrounding startups and investment.

Amsterdam Capital Week is a week in which startups from around the world travel to Amsterdam to meet and pitch for over 500+ investors. It has never been done before and it will showcase Amsterdam’s strong points on Startup Capital: abundance in (pre-)seed capital, access to international funding, Europe’s crowd funding capital. There are over 20 events, workshops and (crowd)funding festivals combined in one week. For this reason startups and investors from around the world will be in Amsterdam at Amsterdam Capital Week.

EnterNext is designed to support small- and mid-caps, helping them find the most suitable financing solution and make better use of the exchange. Amsterdam Capital week is initiated and part of the StartupAmsterdam Program.

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