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Accenture Innovation Award


Winner Accenture Innovation Award opens trading

One of the winners of the Accenture Innovation Awards, Yippie!, sounds the gong and opens trading. Last week Yippie! was chosen winner in the Personalized Shopping & Paying theme for the Accenture Innovation Awards. A total of 850 startups, with about 150 in the Personalized Shopping & Paying theme, contested for the blue tulip.  An easy and personalized customer service, with fast and safe payment options is the core focus of this innovation theme.

Yippie! allows consumers to scan products in-store, the app then shows all suppliers of that specific product with their respected prices. In the same time it allows both the online and physical store to make a temporary offer to that specific consumer.

The Accenture Innovation Awards is an annually held innovation contest. Dutch innovations that are younger than 3 years are allowed to register and compete for the blue or green tulips, and the public prize. Also the Innovator of the Year prize is rewarded.

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