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Euronext enables Sovereign and Quasi-Sovereign issuers to list bonds efficiently and raise capital quickly
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List your Sovereign, Quasi-Sovereign & Public International Body bonds on Europe’s leading bond market

Access an ever-growing international investor pool


quasi-sovereign, public international body and agency issuers.


sovereign issuers from Europe, North America, Africa and the Middle East.


sovereign, quasi-sovereign and public international body bonds listed across Euronext markets.


Partner to sovereign issuers worldwide

As the oldest stock exchange in the world, Euronext is a premier destination for sovereign bond listing.

With offices in Asia, Europe and North America and an optimised listing process, Euronext offers sovereign and quasi-sovereign debt issuers quick access to a diversified global investor pool.

We have supported numerous governments, municipalities and other public body issuers across the world in raising capital — from China to Belgium, France, Ireland, the Netherlands, all the way to the Caribbean.

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Simplified process

Our expert team guarantees quick review times.

Competitive fees

The listing fees are transparent and cost- effective.

Market facing

Open communication and dedicated experts.

Higher visibility

List your securities to attract investors.

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Sovereign Green, Social and Sustainability bonds

Be among the first to issue Sovereign Green, Social and Sustainability (SGSS) bonds 

The urgent issues of climate change, the steadily growing investor interest in sustainability and regulatory pressure are the three powerful driving forces of SGSS Bonds.

In the past few years, SGSS bonds has more than doubled in listing numbers, attracting a number of issuers from both developed and emerging markets.

That's why we introduced Euronext ESG Bonds.

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Yes. Euronext has already supported numerous supranational issuers in listing their bonds, including the Black Sea Trade & Development Bank, Afreximbank and the Trade & Development Bank.

Although our listing process is as simplified as possible, we have a team of listing professionals who are ready to help you navigate the regulatory requirements and list your sovereign bonds efficiently. Whenever you have a question about the listing process, the requirements or some other related topic, please feel free to contact us. Contact details are listed below.

Our listing disclosure requirements for sovereign bonds are in line with the standard regulatory requirements.

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Vice President- Debt listing & ESG

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Head of Debt and Funds Listing Italy

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Valerie O'Flaherty

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