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07 Sep 2017 Euronext announces quarterly review results for the AEX, AMX, ASCX expand
07 Sep 2017 Euronext announces quarterly review results of the PSI 20 expand
07 Sep 2017 Euronext annonce les résultats de la révision annuelle des indices de la famille CAC expand
07 Sep 2017 Euronext announces quarterly review results of the BEL 20®, BEL Mid® and BEL Small® expand
05 Sep 2017 Euronext announces volumes for August 2017 expand
Date Company name ISIN code Place Marché
18-Sep-2017 M2i FR0013270626 Paris Euronext Growth
15-Sep-2017 ALVEEN FR0013253812 Paris Euronext Access
14-Sep-2017 PHARMASIMPLE BE0974302342 Paris Euronext Growth
21-Juil-2017 UV GERMI FR0011898584 Paris Euronext Growth
20-Juil-2017 ONE EXPERIENCE FR0013266772 Paris Euronext Access
12-Juil-2017 NEPI ROCKCASTLE PLC IM00BDD7WV31 Amsterdam Euronext
11-Juil-2017 IMPLANET FR0010458729 Paris Euronext Growth
10-Juil-2017 HEALTH FR0013251584 Paris Euronext Access
16-Juin-2017 ALD FR0013258662 Paris Euronext
14-Juin-2017 BALTA GROUP N.V. BE0974314461 Bruxelles Euronext




Transfert de Pharmasimple d’Euronext Access vers Euronext Growth


11,5 millions d’euros levés et une capitalisation boursière de plus de 37 millions d’euros
«  Le franchissement de cette étape décisive, et la levée de fonds qui en résulte, vont permettre à Valbiotis d’accélérer ses différents programmes pré-cliniques et cliniques. Le renforcement de nos moyens financiers nous permettra également d’internaliser la plateforme technique et les collaborateurs associés, ainsi que d’intensifier la recherche de partenariats de premier plan issus de l’industrie pharmaceutique et agroalimentaire. »
Sébastien Peltier, PDG Valbiotis


Helping you execute blocks safely

Euronext Block, an MTF powered by AX Trading technology, will allow participants to trade blocks proactively in a safe environment. Users can invite trusted counterparties to submit block liquidity using Euronext Block’s Invitation to Trade (ITT) mechanism.

Euronext Synapse

Combining Euronext’s experience operating fair and orderly markets and Algomi’s innovation and award-winning technology, this new MTF – Euronext Synapse - connects pools of liquidity and market participants within a new anonymous inter-dealer centralised market place.

Euronext Collateral Services

Collateral management is becoming an increasing focus and challenge in the capital markets. Collateral has become a top agenda item for many trading participants as they look to control costs and improve efficiency, especially where regulatory capital and collateral use are concerned.

One-stop shop for ETFs

To answer the needs of a fragmented and opaque ETF industry, and to meet increasing investor demand, Euronext will provide all European listed ETFs available for trading on a single pan-European platform designed in partnership with the ETF industry.


As a leading European operator of financial markets and a provider of trading technologies, Euronext has established a MiFID II programme to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements whilst assisting our customers through the delivery of new services.

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