Fixed Income

Access the world’s largest centre for fixed income instruments.

World class market

Available on 6 markets: Amsterdam, Brussels, Dublin, Lisbon, Olso, & Paris with efficient listing processes.
  • close to 46,000 debt instruments
  • from over 4,200 issuers from 100 jurisdictions
  • 72 continental members, of which 14 liquidity providers active on 2,400+ bonds
  • 13 members in Oslo
  • 1 liquidity distributor

Invest in

  • +5,400* tradable debt instruments from +500 issuers
  • Tradable on our Regulated Markets 
  • Mostly credit (67%) and government (33%) bonds
  • You will find liquidity to trade bonds on Euronext with 2,400 bonds covered by 14 Liquidity Providers

*+1500 Dublin bonds will be tradable in H1 2021



Euronext Fixed Income Markets’ perimeter is growing with the inclusion of the Dublin trading venue and unique Oslo reporting offering in 2020

Lit order books secured by the Exchange stamp offering

  • Liquidity providers’ prices
  • Best execution
  • STP from order entry to trading
  • Clearing and settlement on the Continent and bilateral settlement in Oslo
Trade Reporting
  • A complementary offering including reporting of on exchange off book institutional sizes in Oslo
  • Strong position in Oslo with key Nordic banks reporting their institutional trades

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tradable bonds (credit and government bonds)


active members


liquidity providers active on 2,400+ bonds

€400 M

average monthly turnover

up to €1M

trade sizes (continental market)


trading venues: Amsterdam, Brussels, Dublin, Lisbon, Oslo, Paris


monthly reported value (Oslo)

Average €4m

trade sizes reported in Oslo

Fixed Income directory

Explore the wide range of bonds you can invest in.

How to invest in Bonds

Contact a member broker of Euronext Cash Markets.

How to list bonds

Find out how to list bonds on Euronext.


Nathalie Masset

Nathalie Masset

Deputy Director - Head of Fixed Income

+33 1 70 48 28 76