Take positions on dividend payments so you can hedge your exposure or diversify your portfolio. Choose from dividend futures on a single stock dividend, or on dividends from a whole index.

Single Stock Dividend Futures (SSDFs)

Dividend futures allow market participants to take a view on cash flows linked to dividend payments during the calendar year.

  • Trade Europe’s widest choice of Single Stock Dividend Futures
  • More than 290 contracts available for trading
  • Exclusive new trading opportunities: more than 150 contracts in our range can only be traded via Euronext, including many of our SSDFs on U.S. underlyings
  • New 6-month and quarterly maturities on dividend futures now available for trading

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Adidas  DE000A1EWWW0 AD8
Ahold Delhaize NL0011794037 AH8
Air Liquide  FR0000120073  AI8 
Allianz DE0008404005 AZ8
Amadeus ES0109067019 AM8
Anheuser-Busch Inbev BE0974293251 AB8
ASML Holding NL0010273215 AS8
AXA  FR0000120628  CS8 
Banco Santander ES0113900J37 BS8
Bayer  DE000BAY0017 BY8
BBVA ES0113211835 BA8
BMW DE0005190003 BW8
BNP Paribas  FR0000131104  BN8 
Credit Agricole SA  FR0000045072  CR8 
CRH IE0001827041 CX8
Daimler  DE0007100000 DM8
Danone FR0000120644 DA8
Deutsche Boerse  DE0005810055 BR8
Deutsche Post  DE0005552004 DP8
Deutsche Telekom  DE0005557508 TK8
Enel IT0003128367 QC8
ENGIE  FR0010208488  GA8 
ENI IT0003132476 QD8
Essilor FR0000121667 EF8
Fresenius DE0005785604 FS8
Iberdrola ES0144580Y14 ID8
Inditex ES0148396007 IT8
ING Groep NL0011821202 IN8
Intesa Sanpaolo IT0000072618 IO8
Kering FR0000121485 KR8
Linde IE00BZ12WP82 LE8
L'Oreal SA  FR0000120321  OR8 
LVMH  FR0000121014  MC8 
Michelin  FR0000121261  ML8 
Muenchener Rueckversicherung  DE0008430026 MR8
Nokia FI0009000681 NO8
Orange SA  FR0000133308  FT8 
Philips NL0000009538 PH8
Renault SA  FR0000131906  RN8 
Safran FR0000073272 SM8
Sanofi  FR0000120578  SA8 
SAP DE0007164600 AP8
Schneider FR0000121972 SU8
Siemens DE0007236101 SI8
Societe Generale SA  FR0000130809  GL8 
Telefonica ES0178430E18 TA8
Total SA  FR0000120271  TO8 
Unilever NL0000388619 UN8
Vinci SA  FR0000133308  DG8 
Vivendi SA  FR0000127771  EX8 
Volkswagen DE0007664039 VW8

Dividend Index Futures

The CAC 40® Dividend Index and AEX® Dividend Index measure the cumulative value of ordinary gross dividends declared by the companies in Euronext’s CAC 40® Index and AEX-Index®, respectively. Value is calculated on the ex-dividend date and expressed in terms of index points.

  • Invest in French or Dutch companies’ dividends – benefit from arbitrage opportunities and leverage trading of dividends without having to take a position in the underlying
  • Both indices run for a one-year period from the trading day following the third Friday in December to the third Friday in the following December.
  • The CAC 40 Dividend Index Future has been approved by the CFTC and is directly tradeable from the US.

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Voted Most Innovative Contract of the Year

Euronext's Single Stock Dividend Futures were voted "Most Innovative Contract of the Year" in the 2020 FOW Awards. A proud recognition of our agility and flexibility to continuously provide added-value solutions to our clients. Charlotte Alliot, Head of Institutional Derivatives at Euronext, goes over 2020's achievements and shares her unique vision for the business in this video interview with FOW.


Trading the CAC 40 Dividend Index Future

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