A European marketplace to trade ETFs.
Invest in ETFs listed on seven Euronext regulated markets providing product diversity, deep liquidity and excellent market quality.

Why invest in ETFs on Euronext

  • Access 7 local markets in Europe: Amsterdam, Brussels, Dublin, Lisbon, Milan, Oslo, and Paris
  • Choose from a large portfolio of  ETFs listed by 30+  issuers covering a diversity of underlyings:
    • equities
    • commodities
    • fixed income
  • Benefit from a large pool of liquidity. Our Market Maker program offers:
    • excellent market depth
    • tightened spreads improving volume and trading quality
  • Invest in a regulated and reliable environment - Euronext has the strongest safeguards in Europe
  • Enjoy a cost-efficient and simplified investment product
  • Access a range of sustainable ETFs listed by leading Asset Management firms in Europe and the US


Listed ETFs


Liquidity providers

*July 2023

40 ETF issuers including:

List of ETFs

Explore the wide range of Exchange Traded Funds you can invest in.

How to trade ETFs on Euronext

Contact a Euronext member broker to invest in ETFs on Euronext. 

Empowering sustainable growth

List of ESG ETFs

Our ambition is to drive investment in innovative, sustainable products and services.

Choose to invest in our range of ETFs that meet Environmental, Social and Governance criteria.

More about Euronext’s ESG strategy

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