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Euronext Clearing migration

Euronext announces the successful expansion of Euronext Clearing as pan-European clearing house for Euronext cash markets
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Get ready to settle the future

Post-Trade Services

Clearing, Settlement and Custody
Access robust solutions for the issuance and safekeeping of financial securities, and the clearing and settlement of transactions, across all asset classes.

Growth for Impact 2024 

The new Euronext plan to shape capital markets for future generations 

Euronext Securities

Euronext Securities

Euronext Securities is the new name for Euronext’s CSD activity, uniting the four CSDs that now make up the Euronext CSD network: Euronext VPS (Norway), Interbolsa (Portugal), Monte Titoli (Italy), VP Securities (Denmark).

Strategic plan 2024

Growth for Impact 2024

Euronext's new three-year strategic plan, Growth for Impact 2024, places renewed emphasis on Euronext's CSD and Clearing businesses. This is part of the Euronext mission to connect European economies to global capital markets, to accelerate innovation and sustainable growth.

Euronext Clearing

Euronext Clearing

Euronext Clearing is a multi-asset clearing house that provides proven risk management capabilities across a range of markets and trading venues, including Euronext Amsterdam, Brussels, Dublin, Lisbon, Milan and Paris Cash Markets; Euronext Milan Bonds and Derivatives markets, MTS, BrokerTec and Hi-mtf.

Euronext Clearing arrangements per market

We maintain solid clearing arrangements with CCP partners for the different Euronext markets.

Borsa Italiana

Cash and derivatives trades on Euronext Milan are cleared by Euronext Clearing

Euronext Amsterdam, Brussels, Lisbon and Paris

Cash and derivatives trades on:

  • Euronext Amsterdam
  • Euronext Brussels
  • Euronext Lisbon
  • Euronext Paris

are cleared by LCH S.A. as default CCP. EuroCCP is also available under the preferred CCP set up

This covers trading activity on the Euronext, Euronext Growth and Euronext Access markets.

Euronext Dublin

Cash trades on Euronext Dublin are cleared by EuroCCP 

This covers trading activity on Euronext Growth and the Atlantic Securities Market.

Oslo Børs

Cash trades on Oslo Børs are cleared with a choice of three CCPs:

This covers trading activity on the Oslo Børs and Euronext Expand markets.

Derivatives trades on the Oslo Børs Derivatives Markets are cleared by LCH SA

This encompasses the underlying physical delivery management further to option exercise/assignment and future tendering.

Euronext Block

Trades on Euronext Block are cleared through the London Branch of EuroCCP 


Eric Bey

Head of Clearing Services

+33 6 88 17 59 74


Pierre Davoust - Head of CSDs

Pierre Davoust

Head of CSDs

+33 1 70 48 24 60