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Data Services

Knowledge and insight gives you advantage

We offers several products with valuable insight in all financial asset classes, through activity-based data, static instrument data and market and benchmark data e.g. Euronext Securities Oslo holds a unique set of data, consisting of information from almost one million private and institutional investors, divided on over 1.6 million securities accounts with aggregated holdings over 600 billion EUR. Data Services offers a holistic and comprehensive data overview, often customized, for value added services towards our clients.

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Identify your segment


Issuer and Investor Relations services

Get to know your company at a new level. Learn how your shareholders invest, keep track and gain insight into how your company should react going forward and benchmark yourselves against competitors.


Data vendors and third party distributors

Grow your business by processing and distributing data from Euronext Securities Oslo.


Compliance and Regulatory services

Effectively monitor and manage the risk exposure regarding employee trades and account enquiries related to bankruptcy, winding up, compulsory redemptions etc.


Account Operators

Offers you with fixed or customized reference data that helps you quickly and effectively increase operational efficiency for your business.


Media and news outlets

Capture your readers attention with a complete overview of Norwegian investors, their trading patterns, trends, their holdings and analyzes based on over ten years of history.



Researchers and students

Euronext Securities Oslo annually assists researchers and student projects with data. The amount of data as well as the quality of our data are superior to other providers of the same type of data.

We are continuously exploring new ways to present data and insight through simplified complexity and channel flexibility.



Christian A. Viken - Euronext Securities

Christian A. Viken

EVP, Customer Experience and Analytics