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Employee Share Savings


A comprehensive employee share saving program made simple

Providing employees with the option of becoming shareholders of your company can increase employee engagement and loyalty – in addition to represent a long-term saving plan and tax deductions for employees. Hence, employee ownership can benefit both your company and your employees.

Our employee share savings solution provides a comprehensive – but streamlined – program for companies that want to encourage employees to participate as shareholders. Your account operator, an experienced specialist that understands your company’s requirements, completes all of the administrative work related to managing your share savings program – making it easy for you to offer employees a part of the company’s growth and value creation.

When establishing a share savings program you customize the programme to accommodate your company’s needs in close cooperation with your account operator. Your account operator will help answer all of your questions, e.g.:

  • How to enroll employees in the programme
  • Employees ability not to participate
  • Creation of VPS accounts on behalf of employees
  • Special considerations for foreign employees (if applicable)
  • Tax implications for employees
  • Frequency of share allotment
  • Step-by-step execution of share allotment
  • Legal considerations

The product includes the following services:

  • Reliable and automated processes for allotting and distributing shares

  • Full integration with your company’s shareholder register
  • Special provisions for primary insiders, employee groups and foreign employees
  • Incentive programs that involve lock-in periods for shares purchased (bonus programs)
  • Tax reporting


In order to use our employee share savings programme you need to register you company’s shares in Euronext Securities Oslo. Read more about how to become registered here.


Nicholas A. Schulz headshot

Nicholas A. Schulz

Head of Equity Services, Euronext Securities Oslo