End of Day Index Data

Euronext offers a complete suite of index data products including:

  • Current and historical detailed index composition and weights
  • Index values,
  • Divisors and market capitalisation for Euronext and Oslo Børs equity indices.

The information is provided on a daily or one-off basis.

The following data products are available:

Euronext Index Weightings

This product is useful for those wanting detailed information on:

  • Index composition and weights
  • Closing index values for Euronext and Oslo Børs equity indices.

This product consists of:

  • Index reports (carrying closing index levels, divisors and market capitalisation) and
  • Stock reports (carrying detailed composition data – e.g. number of shares, free float, weighting) published in the form of EOD/closing reports and NXTD/opening reports.

The Next Day reports carry data adjusted for corporate actions/dividends/index reviews.

Sample data available upon request.

VINX - Nordic Equity Index Weights

The VINX indices were created in cooperation with Nasdaq OMX. These indices have index constituent from all the Nordic stock exchanges.

Please find more information here.

Euronext Equity Index Membership

This product is useful for those wanting:

  • The full constituent list and
  • Identifiers for Euronext and Oslo Børs equity indices.

The index membership data is published in the form of End of Day files and of Next Day files.

The Next Day files carry index membership data adjusted for any composition changes

Sample data available upon request

Euronext Index Corporate Actions Calendars & Notices

Provides reports:

  • carrying index review information,
  • corporate actions,
  • dividends and divisor changes information one day in advance of the effective date.

The reports detail all the corporate actions to the constituents of the indices including:

  • additions
  • deletions
  • ex dividend adjustments and
  • changes arising from a variety of corporate events to be applied the next business day.

Reports also include upcoming changes and corporate actions impacting the constituents of the indices after the next business day.


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