Billing Convergence Project

Introducing a new unified Billing Platform!

Euronext Securities is building a new Billing platform to streamline processing  and optimise operational efficiency and accuracy. 
This convergence project ensures early adoption of the Eurosystem Collateral Management System (ECMS) SCoRE standards and enhances the overall billing experience for our clients across our four CSDs.  

With the new platform, customers will be able to access Euronext Securities invoice documentation in machine-readable formats, and view additional information on how amounts are calculated, offering deeper and more granular insights into the billing process.

A phased rollout of the project is planned to guarantee a seamless transition: 

Phase 1 is scheduled to Go Live on 20 November 2023, enabling customers to receive their November invoices from the new system in early December.  The Date for Phase 2 Go-Live is yet to be confirmed, but currently planned for  mid Q3 2024. 

More on the project 

ES Billing Timeline

*ECMS is the ECB’s Eurosystem Collateral Management System that will be implemented by the 19 National Central Banks of the countries which have adopted the Euro, to replace their current local collateral management systems. This project is part of ECB’s Eurosystem market integration and harmonisation initiatives, which aim to develop common platforms and systems, that work across the Eurosystem for consolidation and simplification of market infrastructure services.