Fixed Income

Access the world’s largest centre for fixed income instruments.

World class market

Trade on straight-through-processing and cleared Regulated Markets.

Euronext counts

  • close to 40,000 debt instruments
  • from over 4,200 issuers
  • including 3,700 Irish listed issuers from 90 jurisdictions.

Invest in

  • 5,000 debt instruments  Tradable on our Regulated Markets  Mostly credit (85%) and government (15%) bonds
  • Rest assured that you’ll find liquidity to trade bonds on Euronext, with 1,800 bonds covered by Liquidity Providers

The Euronext public order book provides

  • Best execution
  • Straight-through-processing (STP) market model from order entry to trading
  • Clearing (LCH SA) & settlement (Euroclear, Interbolsa)

secured by the exchange stamp.

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tradable bonds (credit and government bonds)


active members


liquidity providers active on 1,800 bonds

€560 M

average monthly turnover

up to €200 K

trade sizes


trading venues: Amsterdam, Brussels, Lisbon and Paris

Fixed Income directory

Explore the wide range of bonds you can invest in.

How to invest in Bonds

Contact a member broker of Euronext Cash Markets.

How to list bonds

Find out how to list bonds on Euronext.


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