Euronext ETF Access

A one-stop shop pan-European platform for ETFs

A one-stop shop for ETFs

To answer the needs of a fragmented and opaque ETF industry, and to meet increasing investor demand, Euronext will provide all European listed ETFs available for trading on a single pan-European platform designed in partnership with the ETF industry: Euronext ETF Access. This MIFID II compliant one-stop shop platform will combine standard order book, RFQ and NAV trading, and reunite all market participants. It will increase liquidity, improve operational efficiency, lower transaction costs, boost transparency and provide an alternative to trading OTC, to help achieve best execution with ease.

Fast Facts

Facilitated access to all trading participants and the entire EU ETF coverage through a single entry point 

The first platform for multilateral trading at NAV


Dark order functionality:
hidden large size orders in the lit order book

Flexible clearing and all settlement locations available

More facts

Competitive trading price for both LP and non-LP
Straightforward administrative process and light IT development: no need to connect to a new platform for existing Euronext members
Helps with best execution requirements

More information & contacts

Euronext ETF team:

France: +33 1 70 482 882
UK: +44 20 70 760 947

Operational Client Services:



Belgium: +32 2 620 0585
France: +33 1 8514 8585
Ireland: +353 1 6174 289
Portugal: +351 2 1060 8585
The Netherlands: +31 20 721 9585
UK: +44 20 7660 8585


The ETF Access IT Documentation can be found on Connect here


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