Da Vinci Derivatives

Da Vinci Derivatives sounds gong for new membership

Recently, Da Vinci Derivatives received a membership to Euronext Amsterdam. The company, located at Beursplein 5, celebrates this by opening the trading day at the Amsterdam exchange.

Da Vinci Derivatives was founded by a group of traders, in 2015, as a company that manages for own account with equity contributions. Da Vinci identifies and handles financial derivatives with a short to medium-long maturity and with a strong focus on volatility. This means that multiple products are traded against each other based on correlations, but also that long/ short positions are undervalued or overvalued in various market segments.

By focusing on building a corporate culture, in which ethics and the will to stand out take center stage, Da Vinci wants to grow in a responsible way. In the last two years, the company has grown significantly and with its membership at the Amsterdam exchange, it will continue this growth.

For more information: www.davinciderivatives.com

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