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Rencontres des Sociétés Cotées 2017

«L’Entreprise cotée, une harmonieuse (r)evolution ? »

With roots stretching back to the 16st century across Europe and more than 1300 companies listed, Euronext markets are the largest, most integrated and proven capital markets in Europe to help you reach the next stage.

The pan-European Capital Raising Center of Euronext offers to your company the widest choice of routes to capital markets, from Amsterdam, Brussels, Lisbon, London or Paris.

With access to an unrivalled network of sophisticated investors and professional advisers, Euronext offers proven, cost-effective capital raising opportunities, from equity to debt capital markets.

Your securities will be traded on our next-generation Universal Trading Platform, that connects and integrates all of our European markets and enables you to access a broad and deep investor base comprising Eurozone, UK, US and international investors.

Whether you are a small company or a large one, or whether you are a domestic company or a foreign and international one, Euronext markets are specifically designed to cater for your particular needs to benefit from improved access to capital to fuel your future growth and development, increased global profile and access to liquidity.

Because we are convinced that joining capital markets is one of the most significant decision your company will take, Euronext provides you with a comprehensive suite of services to ensure your capital market experience is a success.

Pan European Days


1st Euronext Pan European Days in Bejing and Hong Kong

1st Euronext Pan European Days in Beijing
Euronext and Bank of China Have the great pleasure of inviting you to the 1st Euronext Pan European Days in China:

  • Chinese investors with key interest in European companies
  • Presentations and meetings with qualified European companies listed on Euronext
  • High-level program on the European economy and its leading industries
  • Top speakers from China and Europe

United States of America

4th Euronext Pan European Days in New York and Boston

4th Euronext Pan European Days in New York and Boston
Euronext and its partnering banks ABN Amro (hosting Dutch companies), Haitong (hosting Portuguese companies), ING (hosting Belgian companies) and Société Générale (hosting French companies) have launched the 4th Pan European Days:

  • around 350 North American institutional investors
  • approximately 800 one-to-one meetings
  • around 60 large & mid caps

Date Company name ISIN code Location Market
16-Jun-2017 ALD FR0013258662 Paris Euronext
14-Jun-2017 BALTA GROUP N.V. BE0974314461 Brussels Euronext
12-Jun-2017 ANTALIS INTERNATIONAL S.A. FR0013258589 Paris Euronext
09-Jun-2017 BALYO S.A. FR0013258399 Paris Euronext
07-Jun-2017 VALBIOTIS S.A. FR0013254851 Paris Euronext Growth
12-May-2017 PRODWAYS GROUP FR0012613610 Paris Euronext
12-May-2017 KONINKLIJKE VOLKERWESSELS N.V. NL0012294466 Amsterdam Euronext
06-Apr-2017 X-FAB Silicon Foundries SE BE0974310428 Paris Euronext
04-Apr-2017 VEON LTD BMG9349W1038 Amsterdam Euronext
20-Mar-2017 MECELEC FR0000061244 Paris Euronext Growth
Date Location Event
14 Sep 2017 Marseille Rencontres des Sociétés Cotées

Listing Notices

Search our archives for all notices on Listed Companies.  Notices

Date Title
26 Jun 2017 CAC 40 Dividend index and AEX Dividend index futures now available for U.S. participants expand
16 Jun 2017 ALD shifts gear to Euronext listing expand
14 Jun 2017 Balta lists on Euronext Brussels expand
13 Jun 2017 Renewal of Euronext Reference Shareholders Agreement expand
12 Jun 2017 Antalis International lists on Euronext Paris expand

Getting Listed

Equity Financing

Joining Euronext’s markets provides your company with the opportunity to benefit from improved access to capital, increased global profile and access to liquidity.  Equity Financing

Bond Financing

By issuing debt securities through Euronext, companies gain access to one of the most secure and orderly secondary trading markets in the world, thereby benefiting from greater visibility and increased liquidity.  Bonds Financing


“Tech & Co”

Interview of Eric Forest on BFM Business in the programme “Tech & Co”

Following the launch of the Tech40 label, Eric Forest, Chairman and CEO of EnterNext, was interviewed in the programme « Tech&Co » on BFM Business on 7 May 2015


Euronext subsidiary dedicated to supporting the growth of Small and Mid Caps across Europe.

EnterNext Tech Conferences

In order to offer Tech SMEs the help they need to finance their growth, EnterNext is launching a series of EnterNext Tech Conferences in France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Portugal.

Contact details


Alain Baetens Head of Listings Belgium Alain Baetens
Head of Listing Belgium
Tel: +32 2 620 15 20


Laurent Saint-Martin Head of Listing France Laurent Saint-Martin
Head of Listing France
Tel:+33(0)1 70 48 26 15


Joost Kromhout Head of Listings Netherlands Joost Kromhout
Head of Listing Netherlands
Tel: +31 20 721 4298


Pedro Wilton Business Development and Client Coverage Manager Portugal Pedro Wilton
Business Development and Client Coverage Manager Portugal
Tel: +351 (0)210 600 629