Other corporate and financing actions

Other corporate and financing actions

At Euronext we distinguish raising capital and other corporate actions.

Where the first is clearly related to our core function, helping you raise capital via equity of debt issuance, the latter is about everything else that is of influence on your security.

Financing actions are all these actions taken to increase your financing. This can be through a further increase of your issued share capital, it can be the listing of a secondary line with i.e. preferred stock or via a listing of your corporate bond.

Our relationship managers are ready to advise you on the possibilities and will bring in the support of our EMS Corporate Action team. This team is centrally located in covers for all financing and corporate actions for listed companies, our index team and our derivatives market. They are multilingual and work in an efficient and harmonised way with an understanding for local practices.

Corporate actions can be about changing your name, distributing dividend, changing an ISIN code or redeem early on your bonds.

As all of these actions have an impact on the characteristics of your listed security  it is important that Euronext is made aware and that the market, your investors, have been informed via our notices.

We cater for all of these actions with the support of our EMS Corporate Action team, who execute all of the changes centrally and in a harmonised way.

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Corporate Actions Team

Contact our EMS Corporate Actions Team:

Euronext Amsterdam
Tel: +31 (0)20 721 4348

Euronext Brussels
Tel: +32 (0)2 620 15 25 

Euronext Lisbon
Tel: +351 (0)21 790 00 34

Euronext Paris
Tel: +33 (0)1 85 14 85 93 

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