Warrants & Certificates

Certificat 100% Boursier.com

Société Générale innove avec le lancement, en partenariat avec Boursier.com, du premier Certificat 100% indexé sur 10 société françaises majeures sélectionnées par Boursier.com

Warrants & Certificates were first launched in the late 1980s. They are now mature products and widely spread across Europe, Asia-Pacific and to a lesser extent Central and North America. Euronext is one of the leading regulated exchanges in the World for Warrants & Certificates and offers a state-of-the-art listing and trading pan-European platform.

Listing & Trading

Listing Warrants & Certificates

Issuers can list Warrants & Certificates on Euronext overnight via a fully automated process developed together with Euroclear. With one listing, issuers are able to access investors from several countries thanks to Euronext’s multi-listing facility.

Trading Warrants & Certificates

In 2009, Euronext launched a state-of-the-art, innovative and unique market model for Warrants & Certificates, combining the benefits of order book trading and Request For Quote: the Request For Execution (RFE) market model. Together with Euronext’s Single Order Book, the RFE market model has resulted in significant market quality improvement.