Frequently Asked Questions - Issuer Services

Issuer Services

Frequently asked questions about the services we provide to issuers

Which services does Euronext provide to listed companies?

As a listed company, in addition to having your stock listed on Euronext or on Euronext Growth, issuers have access to valueadded issuer services:

  • Account Manager: a dedicated contact to assist you in your day-to-day life on the stock exchange and who will be in regular contact with you throughout the year.
  • ExpertLine: a team of financial experts to answer all your questions about the listing and trading of your shares, offering you the following services:
  • A direct entry point into the Cash Markets, giving you feedback from real-time events that may affect the price of your share.
  • The End of Day Market Summary, an automatic email sent to you at the end of each trading day, giving you an overview of your stock’s trading that day.
  • Connect, a secure web portal giving you real-time market intelligence and allowing you to publish press releases and update your company profile and financial calendar on our website, helping you increase the visibility on your stock.
  • Email alerts enabling you to set an alerts on several parameters of your stock, such as open, high, low, volume, variation from a certain index, or when your stock is halted.
  • The Listed Emblem, an emblem symbolising that you are listed on Euronext markets free for you to use in all your marketing material and on your website, helping you to increase the visibility of your stock. For further details see FAQ: How can I receive my Listed Emblem?
How can I get a price feed of my stock on my corporate website?

Euronext provides 3 different web services allowing you to display in your web site real time trading data of your stock.
Please contact ExpertLine for more information about these services:

  • MY QUOTE BOX: A simple and synthetic display of your share price

    My Quote Box

  • My Quote PRO: Specifically designed to increase your visibility as a listed company within the financial eco-system, this
    new solution provides your real time stock feed in a JSON format easy to install by your webmaster. MyQuote PRO lets you
    tailor your stock information to match your brand and visual identity.

    My Quote PRO
    My Quote PRO

  • MY IR WEB SITE: This is a plug & play solution that does not require any development. Via a customization interface,
    you can select several stock modules to display on your website in ‘iframe’. This solution is fully responsive (tablet,
    smartphone, etc.)

    MY IR Web site

How can I receive my Listed Emblem?

As a result of the rebranding of our markets, Euronext has built new versions of Listed Emblems. Those are available on
Connect for free downloading into 2 different formats PNG and SVG

Listed emblem colour   Listed emblem black  Listed emblem gray

What is Connect?

Connect is a secure web portal for listed companies and listing sponsors that lets you track your share price and order
book in real time. You can download statistics, and track market fragmentation, by seeing the market share of your trading
volumes on BATS, Chi-X, Equiduct and Turquoise MTF (Multilateral Trading Facility) compared to Euronext. Via Connect you
can also set email alerts on your share and create watch lists.
Besides market intelligence, Connect is also a publication tool that lets you increase the visibility of your shares. Via Connect
you can publish press releases, update your financial calendar and change your company’s profile information on our
Please contact ExpertLine if you would like access to the Connect web portal.

The information of my company on Euronext’s website is not correct. How can I change this?

The information of your company on our website can be changed by yourself, via the Connect web portal.
You need to have a Connect account with an Editor/Publisher profile in order to do so.

How can I receive the End of Day Market Summary?

The End of Day Market Summary email is sent automatically to every Issuer with a Connect account, unless you have opted
out of this service.
Please contact ExpertLine if you wish to receive the End of Day Market Summary. If you already have a Connect account, you can activate the End of Day Market Summary in your account settings (under “My Account”). End of day market summary