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Datum Titel
17 jan 2018 Euronext Acquires InsiderLog expand
16 jan 2018 Euronext Brussels Awards 2017 expand
04 jan 2018 Euronext announces volumes for December 2017 expand
29 dec 2017 Euronext becomes minority shareholder of LCH SA expand
19 dec 2017 Euronext announces its financial calendar for 2018 expand
Datum Company name ISIN code Locatie Market
29-dec-2017 PPLA PARTICIPATIONS LTD US69355L1098 Amsterdam Euronext
13-dec-2017 ENCRES DUBUIT FR0004030708 Parijs Euronext Growth
11-dec-2017 AIR MARINE SA FR0013285103 Parijs Euronext Access
06-dec-2017 ADVICENNE FR0013296746 Parijs Euronext
14-nov-2017 REINET INVESTMENTS SCA LU0383812293 Amsterdam Euronext
30-okt-2017 THERANEXUS SA FR0013286259 Parijs Euronext Growth
20-okt-2017 SMCP SA FR0013214145 Parijs Euronext
16-okt-2017 ADEUNIS FR0013284627 Parijs Euronext Growth
13-okt-2017 BIOM UP SA FR0013284080 Parijs Euronext
18-sep-2017 M2i FR0013270626 Parijs Euronext Growth



Fund Service Paris

COGEFI funds on Fund Service Paris
New funds on Euronext Fund Service Paris listed by Cogefi Gestion. Discover why Cogefi chose Euronext Fund Service for the subscription of their funds

Reinet Investments

Luxembourg-based investment vehicle, lists on Euronext Amsterdam


Expansion to FX with FastMatch

Euronext expanded its product offering to global Foreign Exchnage Markets, thanks to the acquisition of FastMatch, the fastest growing ECN in the spot FX market.


Growth is back in Europe - Euronext Amsterdam New Year's reception

Helping you execute blocks safely

Euronext Block, an MTF powered by AX Trading technology, allows participants to trade blocks proactively in a safe environment. Users can invite trusted counterparties to submit block liquidity using Euronext Block’s Invitation to Trade (ITT) mechanism.

Euronext Synapse

Combining Euronext’s experience operating fair and orderly markets and Algomi’s innovation and award-winning technology, this new MTF – Euronext Synapse - connects pools of liquidity and market participants within a new anonymous inter-dealer centralised market place.

One-stop shop for ETFs

To answer the needs of a fragmented and opaque ETF industry, and to meet increasing investor demand, Euronext will provide all European listed ETFs available for trading on a single pan-European platform designed in partnership with the ETF industry.


As a leading European operator of financial markets and a provider of trading technologies, Euronext has established a MiFID II programme to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements whilst assisting our customers through the delivery of new services.

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