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Euronext Securities Oslo appoints Kristine Bastøe as CEO


Euronext Securities Oslo appoints Kristine Bastøe as CEO

Euronext Securities, the Euronext CSD network connecting European economies to global capital markets, is pleased to announce the appointment of Kristine Bastøe as the new Chief Executive Officer of Euronext Securities Oslo, with effect from 1 March 2022.

Kristine Bastøe has a broad and extensive experience in the financial industry, from working both in businesses and in consulting. She joined Euronext Securities Oslo in 2017 as a management consultant and from 2019 as a permanent employee in the role as EVP Head of Products. During this time she has been engaged in several cross-CSD business initiatives and building organisational structures across the four markets within Euronext Securities. She also brings with her substantial experience with transformation programmes from her time as management consultant.

Kristine Bastøe will lead the development of Euronext Securities Oslo, and bring a decisive contribution to Euronext’s strategy to pan-Europeanise and scale up Euronext Securities. As part of the new strategy, over the next three years Euronext Securities will be expanding its service offering, converging platforms across markets, scaling up its activities across Europe, and improving the customer experience, with one united team.

The retirement of the current CEO, Audun Bø, was announced earlier this year, and he will stay in the organisation until 30 June 2022 at the latest, giving time for a smooth and well managed transition.

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