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Financial Analysis For SMEs:
Morningstar reports

Morningstar’s quantitative equity reports on the TMT, Life Sciences & Cleantech sectors

Of the 330 Technology, Life Sciences & Cleantech shares listed on Euronext’s Amsterdam, Brussels, Lisbon and Paris markets, over 40% are not followed by an analyst. The Morningstar Reports initiative aims to raise the sector's visibility at a pan-European level and expand the pool of potential investors. The programme includes quarterly sector reviews and research reports by Morningstar for each of the 330 listed SME stocks in the TMT, Life Sciences & Cleantech sectors.

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Quarterly sector reviews

Morningstar’s quantitative equity reports on the Tech sector

Programme targeting brokers covering mid-caps

Supporting brokers offering financial analysis on mid-caps

Euronext has developed a fee incentive scheme to support brokers in their financial analysis of SMEs. The fee incentive scheme offers:

  • Exemption from order fees on all stocks covered
  • Discount on trading fees on all stocks covered:
    • 30% discount for brokers covering up to 75 stocks
    • 50% discount for brokers covering more than 75 stocks

Fee discounts will be granted for stocks researched during the preceding calendar year. To participate, brokers must be a Member of the Euronext markets. To be eligible for the incentive programme, stocks must be included in the Stock Guide in the EnterNext segment. The broker must provide Continuous Equity Research Coverage, which requires the broker to meet all three of the following criteria:

  • Provide qualitative analysis of the relevant issuer’s strategy and recent developments, as well as financial forecasts and valuation models to arrive at a price target and an investment recommendation.
  • Issue an annual equity research note and information notes regarding any corporate event likely to influence the stock price.
  • Make this research available to all customer contacts and through the broker’s marketing channels.

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