The FamilyShare Programme

The FamilyShare Programme

A unique programme to comprehensively enlighten family businesses on the stock market.

Euronext has created a training program dedicated to enlightening family businesses on the financing solutions offered by the stock exchange, with the aim of preparing them for and guiding them through the challenging processes of funding, transmission and independence.

FamilyShare educates executives, shareholders and family members about the capital markets, thanks to the advice of our partners, all experts in their fields. FamilyShare is based on 3 key elements:

  • Leading experts on the difficulties encountered by family businesses;
  • Coaching tailor-made for each family business member enrolled in the programme;
  • Custom-made support for each company.

This support programme englobes each major aspect of a family business; addressing the requirements of executives, family shareholders, the next generation, directors, the company’s key employees, etc.

The FamilyShare Programme

This 6 to 12 month programme will comprise of teaching sessions, led by our expert Partners and filled with informative content tailored to the sector and requirements of each business. In order to preserve the confidentiality cherished by family businesses and maximise the initiative’s utility, the sessions will be held on a ‘family-to-family’ basis.

Our partners - an investment services provider, a private bank, a management consultancy, a law firm, a financial communication agency, a consulting/audit firm - , chosen for their expertise, will guide the participants through every single topic relating to a stock market listing, bond issue, etc.

Read the brochure for FamilyShare Belgium (in English)
Read the brochure for FamilyShare France (in French)

If you are interested by the FamilyShare programme, or if you would like to learn more about it, please get in touch with us.