Euronext London

Why choose Euronext for your London Listing?



  1. Highly liquid pan European market
    International companies can benefit from the combined concentration of liquidity of our five  European markets as opposed to a purely London centric pool of liquidity. Thus benefitting from not having to split their liquidity between markets while at the same time making use of one partner for all their exchange needs.
  2. Single order book environment
    Companies can benefit from harmonized cross-border trading, clearing and settlement in Europe. Companies may choose to list on more than one market to enhance visibility, have trading volumes and prices published in the national press, and qualify for inclusion in local European indices in addition to the FTSE UK series.
  3. Flexible regulatory framework
    Companies have the ability to choose their primary market regulator from a country within our community of exchanges irrespective of where they list. This unique differentiator sets us apart from our closest competitor in London whose companies are  all governed by the UKLA regulatory framework.


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