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Breaking Financial Barriers launches conference by sounding gong


Director Enterprise Department at the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Pieter Waasdorp, sounds the gong to mark the start of the Breaking Financial Barriers conference that takes place at Beursplein 5.

The conference is part of a series of initiatives to reduce barriers that (innovative) companies face in financing their growth. Raising capital is an important prerequisite for innovation and economic growth. Unlisted companies encounter obstacles in obtaining financing, as banks use stricter criteria for the provision of loans. Conversely, institutional investors are keen to invest but have limited opportunities for investing in unlisted companies. Breaking Financial Barriers explores how to close the gap between the two parties to make way for innovation and growth in the SME sector.

During the conference, speakers and participants identify solutions and recommendations to improve access to capital. After the conference the recommendations will be processed and widely shared and published. Speakers include Peter Waasdorp (Ministry of Economic Affairs), Hendrik van der Meulen (KplusV), Cindy van Oorschot (DNB) and Hans Leufkens (Euronext).

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