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Optiq® uses unique latency management techniques to minimise jitter and provide your customers with greater confidence in optimising their algorithms and placing orders. Industry standard protocols minimise customer on-boarding time and support the widest range of customer systems.

Optiq® addresses the issues facing today’s exchanges

  • Higher reliability means better service for your customers

  • Better service meets regulators’ demands for fewer incidents

  • One platform for many asset classes

  • Modular architecture for shorter time to market

  • Lower jitter helps customers optimise trading strategies

  • Predictable scaling improves capacity planning

  • Exceptional server efficiencies

  • Linear scalability to protect your investment

  • Minimum hardware and third-party costs

  • New business features can be launched quickly

  • Open protocols mean easier interfacing

  • Maintained to meet regulatory standards

  • Designed to meet a wide range of regulatory regimes

More than a matching engine

Optiq® Value Proposition




Real-time Process Shadowing
Multiple Levels of Resilience
Configurable Resilience Models
Highly Resilient Infrastructure
International capability
Formal Service Level Agreements
Full DR and BCP Provisions




Unique latency management
Optimised In-memory Messages
No Proprietary Middleware
Stack-bypass Interfacing
High Capacity Message Bus

optiq value proposition




Equities, Commodities and Derivatives
Configurable Matching Algorithms
Strategies and Implied  Orders
Price Control Safeguards
Derivatives Pricing and Settlement
Pre/Post-trade Transparency
Configurable Market Models
Clearing Interoperability




Scalable from Five Servers to Hundreds
Simple Capacity Management
Maximum Use of Open Standards
including SBE and FIX 5.0
Linux Operating system
Commodity Grade Hardware
Modules for Index Management,
Order Management and Surveillance


Optiq® Deployment Flexibility

Optiq® deployed in your data centre



Optiq® delivered as a managed service

Optiq® delivered as a managed service


Optiq® Architecture

Optiq® Architecture

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