Euronext Web Services

Euronext Web Services, is a simple and cost effective way to receive real-time, delayed and historical Euronext market data via a web API. Our new tool offers online access to quotes, last price, trades and reference data; information that clients are able to pull from our API , directly to their systems.

Euronext Web Services provides clients with access to Euronext market data quickly and easily, with no added third party cost.

This solution is perfect for clients wanting a customised solution. Although all Euronext market data is available through the service, clients will be able to customise the service so that they only access the data they need. Web Services lets you be in charge of picking and choosing the asset type, time period and speed of update.

Euronext Web Services is suitable for anyone requiring Euronext data to feed websites, in-house systems and other applications. It allows aggregation of trades in intraday interval bars and offers scalability, efficiency and resiliency.

Why use Euronext Web Service

Tailored offer allows you to cherry pick the data you need

On demand Market Data whenever you need it

Cost efficient way of accessing the Euronext Market Data

Access through HTTP in JSON formatted data and supports REST

Example of what you can build

Euronext Share Price - Real time

Share price
Best Bid / Ask /


Previous close
Number of trades
Total traded shares
Market capitalization/

Over 1 week
Over 1 month
Since be. of the year
Over the last full year

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