Euronext is de toonaangevende pan-Europese beurs in de Eurozone met bijna 1.300 genoteerde ondernemingen die samen goed zijn voor een beurswaarde van € 3600 miljard per eind  september 2017. Het is een ongeëvenaarde markt op het gebied van blue chips met 24 ondernemingen in de Morningstar® Eurozone 50 Index℠ en een sterk en divers binnenlands en internationaal klantenbestand.

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Join Euronext, Europe’s first truly multinational stock exchange, to access unrivalled products, value-added services, innovative technology and the deepest pool of liquidity in Europe.

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Datum Company name ISIN code Locatie Market
26-feb-2019 ARCURE S.A. FR0013398997 Parijs Euronext Growth
11-feb-2019 SEQUANA MEDICAL NV BE0974340722 Brussel Euronext
31-jan-2019 ITALY INNOVAZIONI IT0005336521 Parijs Euronext Access
27-dec-2018 BAIKOWSKI FR0013384369 Parijs Euronext Growth
24-dec-2018 FLEXDEAL SIMFE S.A. PTFXD0AM0018 Lissabon Euronext
21-dec-2018 PREDILIFE FR0010169920 Parijs Euronext Growth
19-dec-2018 LLEIDA.NET ES0105089009 Parijs Euronext Growth
04-dec-2018 MND FR0011584549 Parijs Euronext Growth
30-nov-2018 VOGO S.A. FR0011532225 Parijs Euronext Growth
28-nov-2018 BLUE SHARK POWER SYSTEM S.A. FR0013340973 Parijs Euronext Access
Datum Titel
14 feb 2019 Euronext achieved a strong performance in 2018 expand
11 feb 2019 Euronext details its strategic project to create a leading player in the Nordics with Oslo Børs VPS and adjusts its offer expand
11 feb 2019 Sequana Medical lists on Euronext Brussels expand
06 feb 2019 Euronext announces volumes for January 2019 expand
04 feb 2019 Euronext reaffirms its commitment to complete the acquisition of Oslo Børs VPS expand
Datumsort icon Titel Project
14 feb 2019 Products
11 feb 2019 General
07 feb 2019 Euronext Block (MTF)
04 feb 2019 Optiq
02 feb 2019 Optiq

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Euronext Market Services (EMS)
Available 06:30-22:30 CET
First point of contact for any market queries, operational, technical or trading-related information
Equities & Bonds desk
Exchange Traded  Products desk
Derivatives desk

Or call:
France: +33 1 8514 8585 
The Netherlands: +31 20 721 9585 
UK: +44 20 7660 8585
Belgium: +32 2 620 0585
Portugal: +351 2 1060 8585
Ireland : +353 1 6174 289  

Corporate Sales Centre (CSC)

Members' first point of contact for all business requests on the Euronext Cash Markets, Euronext Derivatives Markets, Euronext Synapse and Euronext Block (MTF)
Email ccc@euronext.com  or call:

CSC Belgium +32 2 62 00 586
CSC France +33 1 85 148 586
CSC Ireland +353 1 6174272
CSC Netherlands +31 2 07 219 586
CSC Portugal +351 2 10 608 586
CSC UK +44 20 76 608 586

Corporate Sales Centre hours are
09:00 – 18:00 CET
08:00 – 17:00 UK time.  

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