A unique European marketplace

Euronext is a leading European capital-raising centre. Issuers benefit from our diverse listing services and our understanding of local markets, while our pan-European reach and international client base support the European economy and drive economic growth.

A mission to help finance the economy

Our markets provide the leading listing venue in continental Europe. Hundreds of the world’s most well-known companies have raised capital on Euronext, creating an unmatched blue-chip franchise that is available to a global pool of institutional and retail investors. Companies benefit from the combined concentration of liquidity, visibility and harmonised cross-border trading in a flexible yet regulated market environment. And as companies increasingly use bonds to meet their financing needs, more and more are also turning to Euronext to issue debt securities, gaining access to one of the most secure and orderly secondary trading markets in the world.

And accelerate growth

As the leading pan-European exchange, we invest in providing the vital services that smaller and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) need to finance their growth. With the support of our subsidiary EnterNext, which facilitates SMEs’ access to the markets, SMEs gain unrivalled access to capital and services. As part of the Euronext community, issuers benefit from exceptional visibility towards the investment community, governments and global business leaders.

For international companies based outside the Eurozone, Euronext can act as a gateway to Europe, providing the platform through which companies access our European investor communities in Amsterdam, Brussels, Dublin, Lisbon, London and Paris.

With support for smaller companies

The EnterNext team promotes the growth of SMEs, helping finance the development of over 700  listed issuers. The team manages the relationships between issuers and listing candidates and develops regional and national marketing strategies that promote SMEs to investors as an attractive asset class.

In a secure, regulated environment

Our Single Order Book allows issuers to take full advantage of Europe’s open market regulations and gives investors the widest choice of investment opportunities. Companies listed on Euronext’s regulated markets are subject to a number of EU rules applicable to all regulated markets within the EU. This harmonised environment, particularly in terms of financial reporting and accounting standards, together with our reputation for safe and orderly markets, allows us to provide access to a very large and diversified investor base. Each market operator of a Euronext exchange is also subject to national laws and regulations in its jurisdiction in addition to the prudential requirements set out by the national regulatory authority. Companies can choose their point of entry to suit their profile: Belgium, France, Portugal, the Netherlands or the United Kingdom. Specific regulations depend on the jurisdiction chosen.

We also offer markets with adapted regulation for smaller companies, such as Euronext Growth, Euronext Access+, and Euronext Access.. These markets are designed for small and medium-sized companies looking to access the financial market, and have different eligibility criteria to Euronext’s regulated markets.

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