How to trade funds

Trading Funds on Euronext Fund Services 

Euronext Fund Services supports efficiency, thanks to a straightforward access whether for brokers or investors; processes are automated: no need to sign multi-lateral agreements with different banks or brokers

Access easily funds listed on the exchange through Euronext’s new fund service

Euronext, the leading pan-European exchange, is diversifying its products offering with actively managed funds
Thanks to our new fund trading service, investors can buy and sell funds easily by sending subscription/redemption orders via their broker.

Therefore, in addition to equities, bonds, ETFs, warrants, certificates and derivatives, Euronext now enables you to invest in mutual funds ( UCITS and AIFs), managed by professional asset managers.

To trade these funds, contact your broker just as you do for other Euronext asset classes.


  • Simple order execution and broker onboarding processes:
    • If you are already a client of Euronext member broker, you don’t need to fill in a KYC form or open an additional account
    • If not, all you need to do is open an account with a Euronext member broker, and then benefit from the same order entry and settlement / delivery processes for all the products you invest in
  • The Morningstar fund selection tool, available for free on Euronext’s website, to choose your preferred funds
  • A list of funds compliant with the latest MiFID II regulatory requirements on the transparency of fees

Process for investors:

Investing in funds through Euronext Fund Service Paris: A simple STP model via your broker

Select funds

Select your funds using the free Morningstar funds selection tool available on the Euronext website:

Find broker

Find out which brokers are connected to Euronext and have access to your selected funds:


Contact your broker via your usual communication channels (email, phone, DMA, chat, etc).


Communicate to your broker the side of your transaction (subscription/redemption), the ISIN code of the share class, and the number of shares you want to invest in. Your shares will be credited or debited on your usual account.

Trading Funds - Benefits for investors


Step by step guide to invest with Euronext Fund Service Paris 

Expand your growth opportunities: funds are now on the Exchange


Enjoy new business opportunities that will greatly drive your growth: from now on, you will access the open-end funds investment world (non-ETFs) a market of € 25,800Bn in Europe as of end of 2016 (source: EFAMA)


Think bigger: leverage your experience with ETFs and expand your reach to both passive and active management products


Offer a brand new product line to your clients: a global product range of open-end funds traded at the NAV on Euronext, giving them tremendoud new execution capacity.


Benefit from our elaborate Morningstar funds data tool, to provide optimized support to your clients in their funds selection

Process for Brokers

You are a Euronext trading member:

Become a Euronext trading member:

Enlarge the service you offer to your current Asset Manager clients with a new way to invest in Funds.

We grant you an access to the brokerage community via several available connections:

  • Euroclear France funds order routing platform
  • TCS web interface
  • CCG protocole (fix / binary)

Benefit from Euronext tools to obtain report of subscriptions/ redemptions:

Euronext Fund Services is a subscription/redemption platform fully MIFID II compliant with trading and post-trading processes covered by the French regulator

Process for Fund Agents

You are a Euronext trading member:

Become a Euronext trading member: