How to list funds

Benefits for Asset Managers, Fund Issuers

Access a cutting-edge and international investment world

  • Facilitate access to your funds for investors, including retail, institutional and corporate investors from Europe and the rest of the world.
  • Follow new technological breakthroughs: Digitalisation, direct access, automation.
  • Strengthen your visibility by admitting your funds on Euronext: we provide market data feeds, reports and a product referential on Euronext’s website, and a dedicated promotion.
  • Benefit from transparency thanks to a clear reported order flow, like the other financial instruments (equities, ETFs…).
  • Enjoy a simple and flexible model:
    • Direct access and cost-efficiency through a unique platform
    • Absolute flexibility on any NAV cycles and cut-offs
    • Existing and new share classes
    • Quick time-to-market: admission in three business days
    • Automated and full Straight Through Processing model
  • Benefit from our top-of-the-range IT infrastructure

Apply for a fund listing

Material required to prepare a fund listing form application on the Euronext Cash Markets:


Legal documentation

Base Prospectus approved or pass-ported by the regulator of the listing venue

Key Investor Information Document (KIID)


Euronext contracts

Inclusion Agreement: contract to be signed by the Asset Management company
ETP inclusion agreement

Fund Agent registration Form: Contract to be signed by the mandated Fund Agent in charge of the NAV confirmation and centralization subscription redemption orders on the Euronext platform
Fund agent registration form 


Euronext forms

Fund Listing Form: including the fund specifications with attached required legal documentation and contracts

Fund listing form
At the receipt of the completed Fund Listing Form with the attached contracts and documentation, Euronext will be able to listing the instrument on Euronext in 5 business days.


Listing Fee book

Listing fee book for ETPs 

Funds contacts

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