Euronext annonce ses volumes d’activité de mars 2015


Amsterdam, Brussels, Lisbon, London and Paris – 7 April 2015– Euronext, the leading exchange in the Eurozone, today announced trading volumes for March 2015.

  • The March 2015 average daily transaction value on the Euronext cash order book stood at €9,119 million (+31% compared with March 2014). Overall the first quarter average daily transaction value reached €8,679 million (+29% compared to Q1 2014).  On Friday 20 March we reached the highest transaction value since May 2010 at €17,169 million on equities.
  • The average daily volume on equity index derivatives was down at 237,256 contracts (-17% compared with March 2014), and the average daily volume on individual equity derivatives was down at 232,178 contracts (-20% compared with March 2014) as a result of lower volatility.
  • The activity on commodity derivatives was down 22% in March when compared to the exceptional high in March 2014 driven by the situation in Ukraine, with an average daily volume at 44,057 contracts traded. The first quarter average daily volume remained close to 50k contracts, flat compared to an historic Q1-2014.
  • The number of derivatives contracts traded in the first quarter of the year slightly decreased to 34.7 million lots compared to the same quarter in 2013 (38.7 million lots). At the end of March the total open interest stood at 13,246,205 contracts.
  • Euronext had three new listings in March 2015 that altogether raised more than €622 million. In addition €1,472 million of follow-on equity was raised on Euronext by issuers, of which €560 million by EnterNext SMEs.  €10.7 billion was raised in corporate bonds. In total for the first quarter, €2.6 bln was raised by 14 new listings (+23% compared to Q1-2014) and €37.3 bln was raised by follow-ons in equities and bonds (+70% compared to Q1-2014).
  • On 23 March we had the tenth most active day since 2010 in terms of transaction value on ETFs with €1,039 million traded.
  • On 20 March we reached a yearly record high on Dutch individual equity options at 310,057 contracts. It was the seventh most active day since January 2014.
  • On 16 March we reached a record high on the PSI20 future at 20,617 contracts (+42% above previous record of 20 March 2014)

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