EnterNext ®, a nova iniciativa para as PME da NYSE Euronext, entra em funcionamento


Amsterdam, Brussels, Lisbon, Paris 23 May 2013 – NYSE Euronext (NYX) today announced the opening of EnterNext®, its marketplace for SMEs. This new subsidiary is dedicated to companies that have a capitalisation of under €1 billion and already covers over 750 SMEs listed on the regulated market of NYSE Euronext and on NYSE Alternext. With a bold strategy and a NYSE Euronext proven capacity to deliver, EnterNext®  has been designed  to facilitate the  financing requirements and  development of European SMEs that operate regionally, nationally and internationally.


EnterNext® has its own substantial resources and the full support of the NYSE Euronext group. Whilst working closely with regional economies, it has been  designed to operate on a pan-European basis.

Backed by its own teams and financial resources, EnterNext®will build upon  NYSE Euronext’s efficient market model. The new subsidiary  promotes and facilitates all offers and services currently available to SMEs and its responsibilities amongst others include:

  • Positioning the stock exchange as a source for alternative financing
  • Managing the day-to-day and grassroots relationships with issuers and listing candidates
  • Promoting SMEs to investors as an attractive asset class
  • Developing a regional and national marketing strategy
  • Defining and promoting new services and financing options such as the Initial Bond


EnterNext®has adopted an open governance structure, with a 15-member Board of Directors headed by a newly appointed Chairman and CEO. The remaining 14 seats will be divided equally between qualified external Directors and NYSE Euronext. Candidates have been selected from the four countries in which the group operates in Europe, based on their experience and expertise with SMEs.

The Chairman and CEO will be announced shortly.

The seven qualified external Directors are:

  • Charles Beigbeder, Chairman, Gravitation
  • Jorge Freire Cardoso, CEO of Caixa Banco de Investimento[1]
  • Koen Dejonckheere, CEO, Gimv
  • Louis Godron, Chairman, AFIC
  • Sophie Langlois, Deputy CEO, BIL Finance
  • Jean-François Roubaud, Chairman, CGPME
  • Chris van Schuppen, Managing Director, Head of Equity Capital Markets, ABN AMRO

The seven Directors representing NYSE Euronext are:

  • Roland Bellegarde, Group EVP, European Equities and Equity derivatives
  • Lee Hodgkinson, Head of Sales and Client Coverage, EMEA
  • Luis Laginha, Chairman and CEO, NYSE Euronext Lisbon
  • Marc Lefèvre, Head of European Business Development and Client Coverage, European Corporate Client Group
  • Vincent Van Dessel, Chairman and CEO, NYSE Euronext Brussels
  • Cees Vermaas, Chairman and CEO, NYSE Euronext Amsterdam
  • Diederik Zandstra, Head of European Corporate Client Group

“The launch of EnterNext ®is a critical step in offering new sources of financing to SMEs called for by French President François Hollande at the Assises de l’Entreprenariat forum. Working groups  across Europe have lent their support to this new marketplace. EnterNext ®believes in entrepreneurs, it brings their aspirations to life by supporting them with the resources they need to grow, and it lends fresh momentum to  entrepreneurial initiatives. As a market operator, we are aware that this activity lies at the heart of our strategic mission, and it is a source of pride and enthusiasm,” said Dominique Cerutti, NYSE Euronext President and Deputy CEO and Chairman of the Management Board of Euronext NV.

For more information about Enternext, visit enternext.biz


We would like to thank all of the individuals who have participated in this initiative. They include the following contributors who have shared their vision, experience and other input:

  • David Buffelard, Chairman and CEO, VDI and Vice-Chairman of Lyon Pôle Bourse, +33 4 72 52 20 13
  • Christophe Capelli, Chairman and CEO, Capelli, +33 4 78 47 49 29
  • Marc Delcourt, Chairman and CEO, Global Bioenergies,+33 1 64 98 20 52
  • Christophe de Lylle, Chairman, Actifin, +33 1 56 88 11 10
  • Philippe D’Hoir, partner at law firm FIDAL, +33 1 47 38 54 00
  • François-Pierre Le Page, Chairman and CEO, LoginPeople, Advisor to the French Ministry of Foreign Trade, +33 4 93 33 06 66
  • Sacha Loiseau, Chairman and CEO, Mauna Kea, +33 1 48 24 06 21
  • Julien Parrou, Chairman and CEO, ConcoursMania, +33 5 57 22 76 60
  • Paul Perpère, Delegate General, AFIC, +33 1 47 20 63 91
  • Jean Rognetta, Chairman, PME Finance, +33 6 32 09 54 24
  • Franck Sebag,partner, Ernst & Young, +33 1 46 93 73 74
  • Gilbert Saby, Chairman and CEO, Tunnel Prado and Chairman, CEFIM Pôle Bourse, +33 4 91 80 88 80.

[1]Pending relevant regulatory approvals.

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