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Week of Regional Entrepreneurship - LIOF


Week of Regional Entrepreneurship - LIOF

From 14 August to 23 August, the gong ceremony at Beursplein 5 focuses on the activity and entrepreneurship in the various regions in the Netherlands. Euronext has invited the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Regional Development Companies to put their work in the spotlight during the Week of Regional Entrepreneurship.

LIOF visits the Amsterdam exchange to open trading during  the Week of Regional Entrepreneurship by sounding the gong. They attended the gong ceremony with Limburg-based companies: Ronmas, Robomotive, Vectioneer, Mine Kafon, Accerion, and GDO. LIOF helps SMEs in Limburg to grow and supports them every step of the way. By supporting SMEs we stimulate growth in the entire region. If the region grows, so does everyone in it. For LIOF growth is not just about sales and profits but also about greater competitiveness - to offer advantages and generate social returns. LIOF’s work in the region is made tangible by creating jobs in Limburg, providing relevant products and services in and for Limburg, and enhancing the reputation of the region as it ascends the rankings for innovation and job opportunities.

René van Vlerken, Head Small & Mid Cap Listings at Euronext Amsterdam: ''The Regional development companies are extremely important for the growth of the Dutch economy and accelerating innovation.'' Entrepreneurship and the exchange go hand in hand, for over 400 years. Euronext plays an important role in the financing of the real economy. "With initiatives like Euronext Growth and our exclusive TechShare program, we support medium and small businesses in their growth, we provide access to finance, help in promoting the organization, and  increase its visibility."

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