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Stichting ONL voor Ondernemers visits Beursplein 5


Stichting ONL voor Ondernemers, a foundation that was set up last year with a view to helping small businesses raise their profile, sounds the gong at Beursplein 5.

Hans Biesheuvel, one of the initiators of ONL, sounds the gong. According to Biesheuvel, “ONL visits Euronext because the exchange stands for progress and entrepreneurship. The ONL shadow cabinet’s objective is to see the Dutch economy return to a 3% annual growth rate in the short term. To accomplish this we intend to invest 43.5 billion euros in the Dutch economy by 2021. We have identified the preconditions that are needed to strengthen the economic earnings model. Entrepreneurs are the backbone of the economy of the Netherlands. They want to increase their turnover, bring in new clients and orders, and they are prepared to take risks. Entrepreneurs are well aware of their responsibilities, in terms of both job creation and the need to increase tax revenue. Entrepreneurs expect something in return for this: a pro-investment agenda, lower taxes, and consistent government policy.” 

After the gong ceremony, Biesheuvel will give his inaugural Entrepreneurial Speech and present the shadow budget, which will focus on how to restore economic growth as soon as possible by enlisting the help of entrepreneurs to promote an economy that provides growth, innovation, jobs, and prosperity.

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