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Princess Maxima Center


Princess Maxima Center visits Beursplein 5

The first pole of the Princess Maxima Center for Pediatric Oncology in Utrecht was beaten. To celebrate this they sounds the gong at Beursplein 5.

More than 400 attendees saw how a group of children together with Minister Schippers put the first pole at the right place at the site. Striking this first pole is a very important moment for promoters, the parents of children with cancer united in the Association of Parents, Children and Cancer (in Dutch: VOKK) and pediatric oncologists united in the Foundation Children's Oncology Netherlands (in Dutch: SKION). They see, after years of preparation, their wish fulfilled: concentration of pediatric oncology in the Netherlands.

The new building will be ready at the end of 2017, after which the Princess Maxima Center opens its doors for all children with cancer in the Netherlands beginning 2018. A first section was started in 2014 within the walls of the Wilhelmina Children's Hospital (in Dutch: WKz). In this hospital children with solid tumors from all over the Netherlands are already being treated and children with all forms of cancer from the region of Utrecht. Also the research department has already started in Utrecht.

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