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OAKK – OAKK Solid Investment Solutions – 2 years


OAKK – OAKK Solid Investment Solutions – 2 years

OAKK Solid Investment Solutions is celebrating their 2 years existence, Benjamin Prins- senior OAKK Consultant will sound the gong.


About OAKK

OAKK is an asset management platform for financial planners to provide their clients ease of mind in reaching their financial goals. Due to the low interest rates, retrenching of the collective pensions and a different look on employment in general, people have a strong preference to have individual savings and investment, based on their own personal goals. OAKK strongly believes a financial planner as the most trusted advisor can help people with fulfilling their goals.


OAKK unburdens both the financial advisor with all the asset management issues and the client with a highly professional managed investment portfolio. In the past two years, thousands of clients and hundreds of financial planners have already found their way to OAKK and they expect further growth in the near future.


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