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Nederland Cares sounds gong to mark the Week of Encounters


By sounding the gong Nederland Cares Foundation marks the start of the Week of Encounters, which takes place from 29 September through 5 October. During this week the Foundation mobilizes nearly 750 young professionals to engage in volunteering activities.

The Week of Encounters provides an accessible and fun way to become familiar with the volunteering opportunities. For nearly a decennium Nederland Cares offers young professionals the opportunity to engage in community volunteering work on a flexible basis. Based on their availability and preferences, the young professionals can vary the frequency and timing of their volunteering efforts. The activities are offered at different days and times, with a focus on evenings and weekends, so that they can be combined with their professional duties. Nederland Cares cooperates closely with corporates and stimulates people to start giving back to Dutch society at an early stage of their (professional) lives. CEO of the foundation, Karin Schadee, sounds the gong.

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