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Lucille Werner sounds gong to mark International Day of People with Disability


Television host Lucille Werner sounds the gong to mark International Day of People with Disability. On this day, the winners of the Business Walk of Fame are announced, a new initiative of the Lucille Werner Foundation.

The Business Walk of Fame is a promenade of star-filled tiles, awarded to companies that are commited to an inclusive labor market. The Business Walk of Fame is located at the Zuidas in Amsterdam. Lucille Werner: “In a time where companies are forced to think about this subject in regards to the law of participation, we want to positively reward and stimulate those companies that have taken their first steps.”

The Lucille Werner Foundation aims to strengthen the position of people with a disability in the Netherlands. Initiating high-profile television programs and creating jobs are key. By demonstrating a powerful and positive image, people with a disability will be able to easier integrate into society.

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