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Listing of biotech company arGEN-X on EnterNext in Brussels


As of 10 July 2014 arGEN-X is listed on the Brussels markets. To celebrate this event, Tim Van Hauwermeiren, CEO of arGEN-X, opened the markets with a Bell Ceremony. Hans de Haard, co-founder of arGEN-X, had the honor to write the first opening price on the blackboard.  The reference price was fixed at 8.50 euro.

arGEN-X specializes in researching and developing human monoclonal antibodies for the treatment of oncological, autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.
At the end of 2013, the company had a portfolio of 2 products in phase I of clinical development and 3 products in preclinical development phase.

The ticker code of arGEN-X is : ARGX.

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