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KNRM celebrates 190th anniversary


Voluntary crew member Kees Kuyt sounds the gong to mark the 190th anniversary of the Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue Institution‘s (KNRM).

A milestone which has been reached by two centuries of voluntary input, supported and maintained by donations. Starting as a small initiative, the KNRM has grown into a professional organization that can be called upon 24 hours a day. With 1.300 volunteers operating out of 45 lifeguard stations and with 75 lifeboats at its disposal, the KNRM is the prime partner for the Coast Guard in Search and Rescue operations. The KNRM leans on three pillars; the voluntary service-crew, voluntary donations and zero-costs to the people in need of help. Modern facilities and professional education is provided to the volunteers such as Kees Kuyt. The donors are well-informed as to how their donations are used and they are welcomed at the open days organized by the KNRM.

The Amsterdam exchange also contributed to the KNRM. The donation in 1992 resulted in a lifeboat called Beursplein 5. The boat is still in use and is located at the rescue station Texel.

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