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Kempen Orange Fund


Kempen Orange Fund celebrates its 25th listing anniversary

Kempen Orange Fund celebrates its 25-year listing anniversary. Fund Manager Michiel van Dijk sounds the gong on this occasion and opens trading.

Kempen Orange Fund N.V. invests in smaller and medium-sized Dutch companies that are included in the GPR Dutch Small Cap Index. Kempen Orange Fund N.V. has the objective to earn a structurally higher return (capital gain and dividends) than its benchmark: GPR Dutch Small Cap Index. 

During this quarter of a century, the investment fund has invested in small-cap and midcap companies listed on Euronext. Joop Witteveen, Fund Manager of the Kempen Orange Fund: ‘The Orange Fund is unique; not just because of its long history, but particularly because of the passion that is reflected in the investments of our people – then as much as today.’

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