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ICMA Future Leaders


ICMA Future Leaders event visit Beursplein 5

Henk Rozendaal, Chairman of the International Capital Market Association (ICMA) Netherlands regional committee, sounds the gong to open trading on the occasion of ICMA’s Future Leaders’ event in Amsterdam.

ICMA has set up an ICMA Future Leaders Committee, for individuals in the early stages of their career, to improve its engagement with the younger generation among its membership. ICMA places great importance on reaching out to younger finance professionals in its member firms not only to raise awareness of the Association’s work and the benefits they could reap from its services, but also to foster a sense of community.

ICMA is the only trade association to grow up alongside the development of the cross-border capital markets. Not linked to any one national market, ICMA has promoted the development of efficient global capital markets for close to 50 years. Its code of industry-driven rules and recommendations is followed by its members and sets the recognised standard for best practice in the primary, secondary and repo markets for international fixed income and related instruments. ICMA has some 500 member firms in almost 60 countries, including banks and financial institutions who are active in international capital markets.

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