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Gong marks World Leprosy Day


Amigurumi designer ‘DenDennis’(the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small stuffed animals), sounds the gong with mascot ‘Red Tomcat’ for World Leprosy Day.

On World Leprosy Day, that takes place on Sunday 25 January, DenDennis launches a Haakathon. Participants from all over the Netherlands will crochet a record number of Red Tomcats for charity, the Leprosy Foundation. Proceeds from the sales go to creative training for women with disabilities by leprosy, an infectious disease that infects hands, feet and eyes and eventually leads to severe disability. Jan Kruis, the founding father of the Red tomcat from comic book Jan, Jans and their children, is the ambassador of the Leprosy Foundation. He drew two adventures in which the famous comic family meets leprosy patients, in order to draw attention to this mutilating forgotten disease.

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