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Evi van Lanschot celebrates 2nd birthday by sounding the gong

The team behind Evi van Lanschot, led by Andries van Luijk, opens trading by sounding the gong. Evi was launched two years ago by Van Lanschot as the online coach for the establishment and preservation of capital. The entry limit of € 10,000 makes the expertise of the private bankers of Van Lanschot available for all levels, including starters on the capital market.

In two years’ time, the assets under management of Evi grew to over € 1 billion due to the deposits of customers in the Netherlands and Belgium who opted for the savings and investment opportunities offered by Evi. Evi achieved good investment results and is successful in attracting new, often younger customers who are first investing. Van Lanschot also uses the technology behind Evi for new concepts such as CompliantBeheer - specifically designed for employees of large accounting firms - and Evi Retirement, a solution for tax-efficient wealth accumulation for retirement for entrepreneurs, freelancers and employees.

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