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Dutch Pension Federation – Start Pension3days 2019


20191105 Dutch Pension Federation

On November 5th, 6th, and 7th 2019, the ninth edition of the National Pension3days will take place. During this period, the partners of the Money Wise Platform are engaged in a wide variety of activities aimed at motivating people to look at their retirement income and – if necessary – to take action.

Shaktie Rambaran Mishre, chair of the Dutch Pension Federation, will herald the Pension3days by sounding the gong of the Amsterdam stock exchange. Shaktie Rambaran Mishre: “These three days are about pensions, an important topic for everyone. Retirement is more than income for old age; many pension funds provide a benefit for spouse and children in case of a demise. It is comforting to know what the arrangements for your loved ones are in case you pass away. That is why survivors’ pension are in the spotlight this year”.

About Pension3days

The aim of the national Pension3days is to promote financial fitness and financial resilience at old age. The theme in 2019 is “Take care of each other” and is about survivor’s pension. Both Money Wise and the Pension Federation have developed a tool that gives the Dutch population insight into their own retirement situation. Money Wise’s tool “This is what you can do for your retirement” allows people to make an estimate of their financial situation at old age. The Pension Federation, together with Nibud and SVB, developed the “Survivor’s Money Guide”. This provides an easily accessible overview of income schemes after a demise.

Besides Money Wise and the Pension Federation, a large number of organizations participate in the Pension3days, including Authority for the Financial Markets, Association of Insurers, Pension Register Foundation, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment, Adfiz, FFP, the Dutch Central Bank, Nibud, several banks, pension funds, insurers, labor unions, educational institutions, pension advisors and many other employers. They organize activities to answer pension questions, such as pension consultation, workshops throughout the country and education in the workplace.


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