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Comedian Viggo Waas opens trading on behalf of ALS Foundation and Amsterdam City Swim


Comedian Viggo Waas opens trading by sounding the gong on behalf of the ALS Foundation and Amsterdam City Swim.

Organized for the third time this year, Amsterdam City Swim aims to raise funds for the ALS Foundation. More than 2200 participants, including 200 children, will swim over 2 kilometers in the Amsterdam Amstel and canals. The children will swim the final 500 meters  of the course the morning of the race.

Waas himself will swim the 2 kilometers as well, after which he will assist the presenter in welcoming the participants at the finish. He will do this with fellow comedian Peter Heerschop, also a participant of the race. 

ALS stands for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and is an incurable nerve and muscle disease. On average, a patient will live for only three years after he is diagnosed. Little is known about what causes ALS. Therefore, a lot of research and thus money is needed. The relatively small number of ALS patients, circa 1500, complicates the financing of scientific research into the cause and treatment of this deadly disease. The Amsterdam City Swim Foundation is committed to creating greater awareness, for increasing scientific research and provide better quality of care for the approximately 500 people who are now annually affected by ALS.

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