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Borstkankervereniging – Breastcancer awareness month


20191009 KWF Borstkankervereniging

Goli Abdurahman, active member of Borstkankervereniging Nederland, opened the stock exchange to draw more attention for people with breastcancer or genetic predisposition for breastcancer.


About breastcancer awareness month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual campaign to increase awareness of the disease. Every year, more than 17.000 Dutch women and more than 100 men get breast cancer. Breast cancer has many faces. There are different types of breast cancer and all kinds of people are affected by it: young women, older women, people with metastatic breast cancer, with hereditary predisposition to breast cancer and men. Every patient experiences breast cancer differently. Not only when it comes to treatment, but also when it comes to consequences. From chronic fatigue to sexual problems. From physical complaints to misunderstanding at work. From fear of return to broken relationships. Support all these people in October.


About Borstkankervereniging Nederland

Borstkankervereniging Nederland is a professional patient organization for everyone who has (had) to deal with breast cancer, or has a hereditary or familial predisposition to breast cancer. BVN strives for optimum quality of care and the best possible quality of life. BVN does this by providing good, up-to-date information, organizing contact with fellow sufferers and promoting the interests of breast cancer patients. BVN brings the patient perspective to the attention of hospitals, care providers, researchers, health insurers and other stakeholders. In this way, patient experiences and patient interests get a valuable place in policy and research.


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